Enhanced Treatment Unit Systems

These are just a sampling of the systems available; ask your design professional about these units and others.

Amphidrome System

The Amphidrome Wastewater Treatment system is designed by FR Mahony & Associates of Rockland, Ma, with system installation and operator training assistance. The Amphidrome System utilizes a series of in-ground tanks: flow equalization, aeration, settling and sludge storage for nutrient removal. There are numerous installations in New York and New England.

Anua Clean Water Systems

Anua Clean Water Systems of Greensboro, NC is represented locally by Emmons Pump & Control, Inc. of Albany. The Anua Puraflo peat fiber biofilter provides for passive biofiltration of septic tank effluent; the biofilter pods replace the typical dispersal field and can fit in tight sites. Each biofilter pod is sized to accommodate the flow from one residential bedroom.

Aqua Point Advanced Wastewater Treatment Systems– Bioclere

The Aqua Point Bioclere Advamced Wastewater Treatment System is represented by AquaPoint of New Bedford, MA. The Bioclere system, as well as other AquaPoint systems, are modular underground units and provide for up to 85% reduction in organic and particulate contaminants.

Clarus Environmental

The Clarus Fusion Series Treatment System has seen application in some Lake George Basin towns as replacement for aging and failing septic tanks. The compact aerated tank provides for organic and particulate contaminant removal. The system is designed, installed and serviced by Onsite Sales and Service.


The Ecoflo Biofilter follows a conventional septic tank with an effluent filter. The Ecoflo uses priority coconut husks as the filtration media, which is housed in a sealed fiberglass tank. The tank uses no electricity as filtration is by gravity into the receiving soils.

FujiClean USA

FujiClean USA, located in Brunswick ME, employs an aerated tank system with partial treated wastewater recycle for enhanced treatment for nitrate removal. The FujiClean system has been tested and used extensively for cesspool replacements in Suffolk County, Long Island. All installations are completed by licensed and trained installers, and annual maintenance contracts are available.

Norweco Systems

The Norweco Singulair or Hydro-Kinetic wastewater treatment systems utilize in-tank aeration, settling, and advanced nitrogen removal. Advanced phosphorus removal is also available. The Norweco systems are distributed through licensed dealers from their Norwalk OH plant.

Orenco Systems

The Orenco wastewater treatment systems, notably the AdvanTex systems provide for treatment in an aerated tank filled with filter media. The Orenco systems have seen wide application throughout the country, including several in the Adirondacks, from their facility in Suthertin, OR. The Orenco systems are represented by J. Andrew Lange of Syracuse, NY.


SeptiTech, Lewiston, ME, provide for enhanced biological treatment through a trickling filter system which reduces organic and particulate contaminants by up to 98% and 80% nitrogen removal. SeptiTech also provides a membrane bioreactor technology, providing very high-quality effluent through fine pore size filtration of wastewater.